Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Watunene Beach

Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction: Watunene Beach

Watunene Beach is touted as the dreamland of Gunung Kidul. It is known as dreamland because the beauty and still free from touch by many tourists. Not many people who know this beach, because the location is somewhat hidden behind the high cliffs.

Its natural beauty is very thick and surrounded by large rocks around the beach. Sand beaches look pure white and lie beneath the steep cliffs. This combination creates an incredible panorama when you see from a height. Watunene Beach is located in Tepus.

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Its location is at the west of Seruni Beach and at the east of Pok Tunggal Beach. To visit this beach is not easy, because you must walk from Pok Tunggal Beach when the water receded, or you can pass through Seruni Beach by climbing the hill. The path is quite narrow and directly adjacent to the ravine.

The journey from Yogyakarta takes about 2-3 hours, it’s about 50 kilometers. No public transportation available to reach this place, only by private vehicle. The roads could only be passed by motorcycle, and you should parking in Seruni Beach. Next, continue the journey on foot along the path on the hill.

The route to the beach is the same as the direction to Pok Tunggal Beach. Arriving at Seruni Beach, ask to the locals about Watunene Beach due the location was hidden behind the hill. The beach sand is quite wide, and only visited by local residents to look for fish.

In this place, there are springs that never dry throughout the season. The difficult journey and the landscape are the main attraction for you. This coastal areas began to be a favorite of visitors to camp while enjoying the beach atmosphere. The beach surrounded by karst and limestone cliffs.

It gives the impression this beach is in a hidden place. This condition is suitable for you who want to spend vacation without interruption, because almost no visitors on this beach. This tremendous tourism potential is being sought by the local government to develop.

There is no entrance ticket to enter the beach, because it has not been managed. Therefore, no facilities you can find. If you want to visit this beach, prepare enough supplies such as food and other equipment.

The route to the beach has a very difficult terrain, and quite dangerous. It is advisable not to carry heavy loads in the bag, as it will make it difficult when you climbing and down the cliff to reach the coastal area.

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