Your Holiday in Yogyakarta More Frugal if You Applied These Tips!

Your Holiday in Yogyakarta More Frugal if You Applied These Tips!

Yogyakarta becomes more interesting because it has a long history and several diverse tourist attractions, ranging from historical tours, beaches, caves, rivers, mountains, and many others. Holiday to this city is known to be cheaper than other tourist attractions in Indonesia.

But, if you get a miscalculation, then you can spend a lot of cost. Well, if you want to visit Yogyakarta with cheap fees with okay facility, there’s nothing wrong if you try the following tips.

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Your Holiday in Yogyakarta More Frugal if You Applied These Tips!

1.      Choose a cheap transportation

To get to Jogja, you can choose a cheap transport, for example, by bus or train which is relatively affordable. But if you don’t want to complicated thing, you can also use a plane. But remember, the cost of a plane is quite expensive.

Well, to anticipate it, you can find airline that provides a promo package. Usually, a promo packages are provided long before you leave. In addition, try to find the flight departure schedule during the night hours. Because it is usually cheaper.

2.      Organize your money by creating a list

Yes, you note your budget into the list you have created. For example to eat, pay a hotel where to stay, buy an entrance tickets to tourist attractions, buy some souvenirs, and so forth. Also, bring enough money in your wallet and keep the rest in a bank account. This will secure your money.

3.      Ask your friends who living in Jogja

To minimize the costs, you can also use ask your friends who live in Jogja for inn. Yes, Jogja provide a lodge or a boarding house that you can use to stay. Even if you don’t have friends who live in Jogja, you can also choose the lodge on the outskirts of Jogja because it is cheaper.

Even so, you have to selectively choose it. In addition, you can also rent a guesthouse in ​​Kaliurang. It is worth trying, especially if you go to Jogja with a group. It’s guaranteed the cost will be cheaper. Especially if you are good at bargaining.

4.      Rent a motorcycle, in order to be more freely

You’ve arrived in Jogja and can’t wait to enjoy the beauty? If the location of the attraction is adjacent, it doesn’t matter then, because you can achieve it by walking. But if you can’t walk, you can rent a motorcycle to be more efficient. You can get a cheaper price if you rent a motorbike for more than a day.

5.      If your stomach starts hungry, find a place that has listed its price

This is very important. Many tourists from outside Jogja are often fooled by the price issues. This is because the food stall don’t include the price of food. Therefore, look for places to eat that include prices. If you want a cheaper again, you can try angkringan.

6.      Want to buy a souvenir? Buy at the maker directly

Yes, this is very necessary you try. Besides the price is cheaper, you can choose a more diverse variant. Well, for example, if you want to buy Bakpia, then you can visit Pathuk that located in West of Malioboro. If you want to buy silver, then come to Kotagede.

And if you want to buy Dagadu t-shirt, you can come to Alun-Alun Utara Jogja. But, if you have to buy souvenirs in Malioboro, you have to bargain for the minimum price as possible.

7.      Don’t travel to jogja in holiday season or weekend

Beside you get jammed here, you also have to be ready to accept the fact that everything becomes more expensive, include the cost of transportation, lodging, and also food. You will enjoy anything in the middle of a crowded atmosphere.

Visit Jogja on weekdays, then you will be more efficient because the lodging price is cheaper than the holiday season. Yes, you must take into account the right days for a vacation!

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